Wire Harness and Brake & Clutch Pedal Pin Campaign
Mar 09, 2017

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) would like to inform the public of its Special Service Campaigns for the D-MAX and mu-X vehicles.

The following vehicles are included in these service campaigns:

Wire Harness Isuzu D-MAX (M/T) 531 July to December 2016
Isuzu mu-X (M/T) 1,374 April to October 2016
Brake Pedal Pin Isuzu D-MAX (A/T) 721 February 2014 to December 2016
Brake & Clutch Pedal Pin Isuzu D-MAX (M/T) 3,328

For Wire Harness Campaign, the abovementioned vehicles' cab wire harness which is located near the fuse box, may possibly be damaged due to repeated and prolonged contact with the clutch pedal bracket. Hence, this wire harness must be properly clustered.

For the Brake and Clutch Pedal Pin Campaign, there is a possibility that the involved vehicles' pin lock (brake and clutch pin lock for M/T) may have loosened, which could result to excessive (brake and clutch for M/T) pedal free play. If found to be necessary during inspection, the vehicles' pedal pin lock must be properly positioned. Otherwise, no action shal be needed.

All involved vehicles should be brought to the nearest Isuzu authorized dealer for proper inspection and corrective action.

Customers with vehicles included in the Special Service Campaign will be sent as Owner Notification Letter with instructions. If you have not received any notifcation but would like to confirm if your vehicle is included in the Special Service Campaign, please refer to the list below.

ISUZU mu-X - M/T Wire Harness VIN List
ISUZU D-MAX - M/T Wire Harness VIN List
ISUZU D-MAX - A/T Brake Pedal Pin VIN LIST
ISUZU D-MAX - M/T Brake & Clutch Pedal Pin VIN LIST