Keeping a healthier air to breathe and virus-free surfaces, Isuzu introduces Bactakleen Ultramist Treatment; a fast, effective, safe and affordable sanitation system suited for your Isuzu vehicle.

It is a disinfecting solution made up of powerful herbal extract that is widely used in many industries including automotive. It effectively kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, virus and mold spores in the air-conditioning system. It can penetrate virtually all areas of the ventilation system, including air-conditioning system and interior and those hard to reach places of the vehicle where mold and bacteria thrives.


The Isuzu Express CheckUP is designed to provide quick yet thorough inspection for Isuzu vehicles which have not received periodic maintenance. This 15-min quick inspection, with 32 check items, covers inside car, under hood (for LCV), under cab (CV), under vehicle, tire & wheel, brake and battery condition. This inspection guarantees customer’s safety, comfortability and worry-free travel.


The Isuzu Health Report is one powerful tool that generates valuable data of your vehicle that could help retain minimal maintenance cost while prolonging the value of your vehicle.

The report will show you real time operational status of your engine, transmission, brake usage and more. To help you maintain your vehicle’s optimum performance and increase its safety and reliability.

Isuzu Know and Go | Checking Your Tires

Your tires have a big impact to your vehicle’s performance when it comes to your safety, fuel economy, and vehicle durability. It is very important that you keep them in good shape.  

Isuzu Know and Go | Checking the Power Steering Fluid

Power steering system helps you turn the wheel quickly and easily; and replacing the fluid in this system can help you drive safely and ultimately save you a bundle of money in the long run.
Know more about the right power steering fluid through Isuzu Know and Go with Victor Basa.

Isuzu Know and Go | Checking the Air Filter

Your vehicle’s air filter can catch all the dust, grime, insects, and any other debris that may get sucked up past the air intake of your grill and into the engine itself. Without the air filter, those contaminants may compromise your engine’s performance.
Know more about how you can keep your air filter clean through Isuzu Know and Go with Victor Basa.

Isuzu Know and Go | Engine Coolant Inspection

Overheating is a major NO-NO! Learn more about keeping your engine within its correct operating temperature range through Isuzu Know and Go with Victor Basa.  

Isuzu Know and Go | Proper Battery Inspection

Get the most mileage out of your vehicle’s battery. Learn how to take care of your battery through Isuzu Know & Go with Victor Basa.

Periodic Maintenance Service Price Guide
Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) is designated to preserve and restore your vehicle's reliability to ensure Safety, Durability, and Comfort.
  • Maintain your vehicle performance minimizing emergency and unplanned repair cost.
  • Trained and qualified Isuzu Technician equipped to do their job correctly.
  • Ensure vehicle safety pre-checks to replace worn components before they actually fail.
Contact any Isuzu dealer for the latest PMS price.
Know What Your Dashboard Light Says

This will help you understand and interpret your Isuzu Vehicle's warning light symbols.

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