Isuzu PH gives local media glimpse of future innovation at the 45th Bangkok Motor Show image

Isuzu PH gives local media glimpse of future innovation at the 45th Bangkok Motor Show

Mar 26, 2024 | NEWS

Bangkok, Thailand  [March 26, 2024] – At the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) provided an exclusive sneak peek to Philippine media as to what might be in its future vehicle lineup, signaling a potential game-changer for the Philippine automotive market. The highlight of the Isuzu display were the groundbreaking Isuzu D-MAX EV and Isuzu Elf EV Concepts, marking Isuzu’s ambitious stride towards electrification and carbon neutrality.

Electrifying the Pickup Experience: The Isuzu D-MAX EV Concept

Isuzu D-MAX EV Concept

At the heart of Isuzu booth is the new Isuzu D-MAX EV Concept, a prototype electric pickup truck designed to cater to both commercial and personal use without compromising on performance. Engineered with a full-time 4-wheel drive and innovative e-Axles, the D-MAX EV Concept promises unmatched performance on challenging terrains while offering the smooth, quiet, and efficient drive that is emblematic of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). With a potent 130kW max output and 325Nm of torque powered by a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery, the D-MAX EV sets a new benchmark for electric mobility. Initially set to launch in Europe, there is hopeful anticipation for its future release in the ASEAN market.

Revolutionizing Urban Logistics: The Isuzu Elf EV Concept

Isuzu Elf EV Concept

Complementing the electric pickup is the Isuzu Elf EV Concept, a light-duty truck designed under the Isuzu Modular Architecture and Component Standards (I-MACS). Featuring a Center Drive System EV, this concept vehicle aims at optimizing weight distribution, wheelbase, and turning radius, making it ideal for urban logistics. The Elf EV is driven by a single electric motor powered by a 100-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, embodying Isuzu’s commitment to greener, more sustainable logistics solutions.

Beyond Electrification: The D-MAX and mu-X Lifestyle Concepts

In addition to these electric vehicles, Isuzu also presented its renowned D-MAX and mu-X models, fitted with off-road and lifestyle accessories catering to the adventurous spirit prevalent in the Thai market. These models continue to represent Isuzu’s legacy of durability and reliability, now combined with modern aesthetics and functionality.

A Bright Future Ahead

IPC President Mr. Tetsuya Fujita shared his optimistic outlook on Isuzu’s journey towards innovation and Carbon Neutrality, “The future looks brighter for Isuzu. Our latest developments are not just about embracing technological advancements but are a testament to our commitment to providing our customers worldwide, including the Philippines, with reliable, sustainable, and forward-thinking transportation solutions.” As the Isuzu brand continues to introduce different alternatives to achieve Carbon Neutrality, the Philippine market can eagerly anticipate a future where electric mobility and carbon neutrality become accessible realities.