Apr 03, 2022 | NEWS

On March 30, 2022, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC), with Isuzu Gencars, Inc (Gencars), launched the new face of Isuzu Makati, the brand’s latest dealership in the country to formally adopt the corporate design philosophy known as the Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS).  Present in the event were IPC executives headed by its President Hajime Koso and Executive Vice President Shojiro Sakoda and

Gencars executives headed by its Chairman, Mr. Dominic Edgard Cabangon and President Ms. Lerma Nacnac.  
Gencars has 7 branches under its wing – Isuzu Legaspi, Isuzu Naga, Isuzu San Pablo, Isuzu Batangas, Isuzu Batangas City, Isuzu Sta.Rosa, and Isuzu Makati.  The latter is the group’s first branch to bear the IOS and on-going plans are in the works for the other branches.  Over the years, the said group has earned a reputation as one of the brand’s most trusted partners and helped extensively expand its reach in the Southern part of Luzon.

IPC President Koso, in his special message, thanked Gencars management for its continuing support to IPC’s dealer expansion and renovation program and stated as regards the new dealership design, “this new Isuzu Outlet Standard is part of our company’s push to achieve utmost ‘Customer Success’, aligned with Isuzu’s Global Dealership Standards that gives importance not just the sales side but the over-all customer journey - starting from their inquiry, sales, after-sales service and their continuous return to our showroom, the new outlet standard will enable us to provide customer support in every step of the way.”

On the dealer’s part, Gencars Chairman, Mr. Edgard Cabangon stated, “As one of IPC’s longtime partners, Gencars shares the company’s desire to enhance the experience of our customers whenever they visit our dealerships. With our new IOS compliant Isuzu Makati, we are confident that our loyal customers, as well as first time visitors, will appreciate the upgrades, along with our excellent products and service. “

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