A Guide on Choosing the Best 4WD SUV for Off-road Adventure image

A Guide on Choosing the Best 4WD SUV for Off-road Adventure

May 06, 2024 | NEWS

Are you an off-roading enthusiast? If so, you must recognize that an SUV with four-wheel drive (4WD) capabilities is the ideal vehicle for navigating rugged terrain. Such SUVs offer distinct advantages over their two-wheel drive (2WD) counterparts, which are predominantly designed for urban environments and excel in providing an optimized driving experience for daily city use.

A 4WD SUV is a highly recommended choice for those aspiring to conquer off-road landscapes. Are you eager to delve deeper? Continue reading for more insights.

Understanding 4WD Off-Road SUV Feature

The term 4WD refers to a feature in some vehicles where the engine powers all four wheels simultaneously. This means all wheels, including the back wheels, get energy from the machine, making the car grip the road better and stay more stable.

This differs from everyday vehicles which has the more common 2WD system, where only the front wheels get power. When you steer in these cars, only the front wheels move the vehicle, and the back wheels follow. A 2WD just won't cut it if you plan to go off-roading. A 4WD system gives the car stability and makes driving off the beaten path safer.

Also, 4WD often comes with locked differentials, which helps even more off-road. This means both wheels on an axle move together, which helps keep the car moving in harsh conditions like snow, rocks, or mud.

Why Choose a 4WD SUV?

Using a 4WD SUV for your adventures has many perks, especially if you often go on off-road trips. Here are a few big ones:

Safety features

Even though off-roading is a lot of fun, it's important to remember that it can be risky if you're not well-prepared. Inadequate preparation can risk your safety. One of the best ways to stay safe while off-roading is to use a 4WD SUV. These vehicles offer better grip and balance, which can help prevent accidents and give you more control when driving gets tough. Moreover, 4WD SUVs generally boast more robust frames, offering more protection if a crash occurs.

Towing capacity

You'll often need to bring a lot of gear when going on off-road expeditions. A vehicle's storage and passenger space often prove insufficient for such demands. This is why many people take trailers or motorhomes for the ride. You need an SUV that's up for the job to pull these heavy items. A 4WD SUV is outfitted with towing capacity, as towing trailers or motorhomes are only possible if your car is solid and steady.

This is another reason why 4WD vehicles are great for off-roading. They can transport significantly more equipment or amenities, enriching your outdoor adventures.


Even if you love off-roading, not all your time will be spent exploring the great outdoors. There are days when you must return to regular life tasks, like work, business meetings, or dropping your kids off at school. Choosing a vehicle exclusively designed for off-roading limits its utility for everyday needs. If you pick a 4WD SUV, you can have the best of both worlds: a buddy for fun weekends off-roading, and a practical ride for your daily errands.

4WD vehicles are flexible and can handle different driving conditions. From off-road adventures and pulling heavy stuff to just getting through tough city streets, having a 4WD SUV means you're ready for anything, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Higher resale value

The last benefit isn't about how the vehicle performs but more about smart money choices for the future. Choosing a 4WD SUV can be a good move because they tend to keep their value better over time.

This is because these cars are known to be tough and last long. The appeal of a 4WD SUV is not confined to off-roading enthusiasts alone. These vehicles are particularly sought after for people living in rough terrain, like mountains, or areas with common bad weather and off-road conditions. Therefore, the potential for a higher resale value should be considered when considering the long-term advantages.

Isuzu's Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle

Among the numerous 4WD SUV options, the Isuzu MU-X is one the best with its exceptional features. This seven-seater is equipped with the Terrain Command Select Dial, 800mm Water Wading Capability, Traction Control and Hill Start/Descend Assist System. In addition to this, its Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), a testament to Isuzu's commitment to safety. Powered by Smart DUO Cam and Rear Radars, ADAS enhances protection and mitigates the risk of potential hazards, ensuring safer journeys.

Furthermore, the MU-X boasts a robust 4WD system powered by the 4JJ3-TCX Blue Power engine, a 3-liter diesel powerhouse capable of delivering up to 190PS of power and 450 N-m of torque.

For those searching for an off-road SUV with a well-rounded 4WD system, the Isuzu MU-X deserves serious consideration.