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Exploring North Drive with the 2017 Isuzu Crosswind

July 04, 2017

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) showcased the reliability of their ever-reliable 2017 Isuzu Crosswind in their 3-day drive up north.

During the 2017 Isuzu Crosswind Media Test Drive last June 21 to 23, participants were able to experience once again the dependability and consistency of Isuzu's longest-selling nameplate.

Introduced back in 2001, IPC gained an instant huge following with the Crosswind. Versatile as it is reliable, the Crosswind adapts to its users, whether it be for family, friends or business associates.

On the first day of the event, motoring scribes drove for a sumptuous lunch at Las Palmas de San Jose in Tuguegarao. After taking lunch, participants convoyed to Isuzu Tuguegarao (Iguig Site), all the way to Cagayan Holiday and Leisure Resort where they went and spent the first day with IPC president Hajime Koso.

Traversing the streets going to the airport was a breeze, thanks to Crosswind's power and torque that spells consistency for Isuzu Philippines. Coming in five variants, the 2017 Crosswind boasts the reliable 2.5-liter 4JA-1L Euro2 compliant turbo-charged engine that can deliver 85 PS of maximum output and 18.9 kg-m of maximum torque.

The 2017 Isuzu Crosswind is perfect for getaways and short weekend drive, with class-leading third row space, perfect for fitting luggage for the whole family.

Exterior-wise, the very sturdy stance and looks never left the 2017 Isuzu Crosswind. The multi-spoke silver alloy wheels provide accent to its tall stance, giving it a sportier look that is able to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

No package or cargo would be left behind with the Crosswind as it has ample space inside the cabin as well as the roof rails that are set to carry up to 30 kilograms. The long drive up north seemed to be a breeze with the dual full mode air-conditioning system with rear control.

To make the drive more enjoyable, the single in-dash entertainment system that can accommodate DVD/CD/MP3/WMA/JPG playback with front USB on the sliding cover was utilized during hour-long drives from point A to point B. The six speakers—two each in the front and rear doors, plus a pair of tweeters—evenly distributed the sound around the cabin while in transit or even after having short stops during the trip.

First stop at was at Palaui Island, both groups trekked to Cape Engaño Lighthouse then went back to shop at Nature's Village. After conquering Palaui, the group went to have a quick dip at Crocodile Island then capped the island-hopping adventure by enjoying the amenities—snorkeling, banana boat among others—before going back to the hotel. As Philippine roads are very unforgiving to usual vehicles, the 2017 Crosswind proved that it can deliver comfort. Despite the size, driving the 2017 Crosswind is an easy drive based on comfort, thanks for the recirculating ball and nut with power assist.

Its double wishbone with torsion bar springs and stabilizer bar at the front with Flex Ride Suspension, Semi Elliptical Leaf Springs and Telescopic Shock Absorbers in the rear provided utmost comfort to all passengers.

Road trips would be incomplete without having snack while journeying the rural scape of the north. Isuzu made sure that every passenger got to chomp and chew comfortably as the console box and the second-row seat tray were fitted with beverage holders.

As the night fell over Cagayan, the 2017 Isuzu Crosswind proved that it provides enough glare and flare with the multi-reflector Halogen headlamps. If that's not enough for drivers to see through in the dark, the all-weather front foglamps provided additional illumination on dimly lit roads.

IPC president Hajime Koso said that the Isuzu continues to take pride in their longest-running nameplate in the country, as he vows to provide class-leading features for the followers of the Isuzu Crosswind.

"Crosswind perfectly characterizes the commitment that Isuzu has and would be delivering to the Filipino market. We will continue to find more ways to make this vehicle more Filipino-centric," he said.

The drive of north easternmost Luzon left each participant amazed of its beauty and culture, which was what Isuzu meant to be part of everyone's journey.

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