Isuzu demonstrates ADAS and 4x4 capability in recent drive image
Isuzu demonstrates ADAS and 4x4 capability in recent drive
Jun 26, 2023 | NEWS

From June 21-22, Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) embarks on another media test drive activity, this time for the new Isuzu D-MAX and Isuzu mu-X. In a relaxing drive from Pampanga to Tarlac then Zambales, Isuzu demonstrated its Advanced Driver Assists System (ADAS) around the world-class facility of the New Clark Global City.

During the drive, participants were able to test first-hand some of the Isuzu ADAS features like the Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) in a controlled course prepared by IPC.

What makes Isuzu’s ADAS different from its competitors is its SMART DUO Cam system. While most brands in its segment uses monocam on its safety system, ADAS uses two 3D cameras to constantly map the surrounding area to measure the distance of the vehicle to every obstacle on the road. It’s like using a binocular compared to a telescope, giving your more depth, and wider field of view.

“The Isuzu Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) received 5-star Rating in the ASEAN NCAP testing, making these models one of the safest in its segment. Both the D-MAX and mu-X are family vehicles, and these features are every relevant to their daily drive to ensure the safety of both the occupants and the people around the vehicle,” said IPC President Tetsuya Fujita.

Of course, no Isuzu test drive activity will be complete without some off-road action. The Isuzu D-MAX and mu-X was able to traverse around the rocking bed of Sacobia River with its volcanic ash, muddy water, and debris - which is sort of an easy task for these models considering Isuzu’s renowned reputation for durability and reliability.

The Isuzu truck DNA is obvious in these models running on its 4JJ3-TCX Blue Power engine, giving it enough power and torque to be able to traverse any kind of terrain. During the drive Isuzu also highlighted its excellent under body chassis protection that stretches from the skid plate down to transfer case, a class leading feature ensuring that the vehicle maintains its chassis integrity to withstand hash road conditions enabling it to travel for long mileages on the road. In addition to that, Isuzu also throws in a one-piece aluminum driveshaft, another unique feature that is not only lighter but can efficiently distribute power across the vehicle. And for hardcore off-road enthusiast, you can enjoy the on-board Clinometer as an added feature on its 10-inch infotainment system, assisting you during descent and incline approach.

What’s noticeably different with these new generation Isuzu is how easy it is to maneuver compared to previous models, as well as its improved cabin noise suppression making every drive more comfortable and enjoyable.

“We try to keep it to true to our core values, Isuzu is known as a very durable brand and with these models our customers can continue to use their vehicles in challenging road conditions and harsh environment whenever they require, but at the same time we’re improving their over-all driving experience and on top of that their safety,” said Fujita.

Aside from the ADAS and 4x4 features, the new Isuzu DMAX and mu-X has seen a recent upgrade elevating its over-all style with a more luxurious and modern appeal, starting with its new two-tone front grille, redesigned alloy wheels, and new body colors that suggests elegance, especially for the new Isuzu mu-X that now comes with a new Smart Power Tailgate feature.

Definitely, the Isuzu D-MAX and Isuzu mu-X are one of the strongest nameplates in its segment. And with its recent upgrades and 5-star safety, these two new generation models should be in any shortlist of family vehicles considering its long history of durability and the trust by thousands of Filipino families using it nationwide.

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