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Isuzu mu-X Interior Accessories


Floor Illumination Set

₱ 6,471 (Vat Inc.)

It provides elegant looks to the vehicle interior. It also improves visibility of the vehicle occupants during ingress and egress. This adds safety to both front and rear passengers on the vehicle by providing clear visibility of the interior.


A/T Shift Bezel

₱ 6,471 (Vat Inc.)

It provides clean and classy looks at vehicle interior. Available in automatic transmission (A/T) variants only.


Cup Holder Ring

₱ 1,412 (Vat Inc.)

It adds sophistication on vehicle interior. It provides easy access on cup holder.


Tonneau Cover

₱ 6,624 (Vat Inc.)

This ensures all items stored at the rear portion of the vehicle in order. It maximizes the space at the rear portion of the vehicle that enables you to load more cargo especially when travelling with your family.


Key Cover

₱ 1,996 (Vat Inc.)

Simple yet stylish that adds protection to your key. This gives your key a more comprehensive design.


Carpet Floor Mat

₱ 3,285 (Vat Inc.)

Elegantly designed to protect the flooring of your car from dirt. This carpet has thicker fabric that provides durability.


Foot Guide

₱ 553 (Vat Inc.)

This will surely give your passengers in the 3rd row seat a comfortable feeling while travelling.


Emergency Set

₱ 5,648 (Vat Inc.)

This will provide you peace of mind and sense of security while driving. This kit will make your life easy in times of trouble or emergency on the road. Inside are early warning device, tow cable, hand held spot lamp and battery booster set.


Illuminated Rocker Plate

₱ 10,695 (Vat Inc.)

Design to protect the doorstep from scratches and enhances the inside luxury of the vehicle. This compliments well with the welcome light. Comes in red/blue, ISUZU/mu-X logo designs.


Organizer Box

₱ 8,670.59 (Vat Inc.)

Enables to keep items to be stored in order/tidy. Designed to be same height level when the 3rd seat is folded.


Car Divider

₱ 1,848 (Vat Inc.)

It is a tool made of transparent PVC sheet that is non-permeable to droplets/germs and used to separate one portion of the vehicle from another.

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  • Shipping and handling charges are not included (provincial dealerships).
  • Specifications may vary from actual unit.
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