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Isuzu mu-X Exterior Accessories


Door Handle Hiboscal Set

₱ 2,456 (Vat Inc.)

Engineered to protect the paint from accidental scratches while opening the door.


Bull Bar

Engineered and manufactured not only to maintain maximum functionality, but also to ensure complement the look of the vehicle. This will surely give your Isuzu mu-X a tougher look.

Aluminum Alloy - ₱ 126,383 (Vat Inc.)
Steel - ₱ 97,730 (Vat Inc.)


Muffler Cutter

₱ 1,353 (Vat Inc.)

Designed to make a stylish look for the muffler as personal aesthetic preferences. This will surely give your Isuzu mu-X a more sophisticated look.


Engine Hood Protector

₱ 7,818 (Vat Inc.)

Ergonomically designed to lessen front wind drag and deflects small stones, sand, and bugs from hitting the windshield. The engine hood deflector can be removed for easy cleaning of the hood. Designed to be durable to withstand the everyday wear and tear of driving.


Headlamp Garnish Wide

₱ 1,681 (Vat Inc.)

Enhances the front look of the vehicle to be more stylish and gorgeous yet functionally designed not to interfere in the light projection. This will not affect the illumination performance of the head light.


Window Visors

₱ 3,518 (Vat Inc.)

Ergonomically designed to reduce air drag, noise and turbulence when the window is partially open and immediately ventilate the vehicle even when raining. This is installed with clips to have strong attachment and can withstand wind force even in high speed.


Door Handle Trim Set

₱ 1,688 (Vat Inc.)

Simple yet stylish in appearance. It protects the door handle from different kind of scratches when opening the doors. It comes in set for each 4 doors.


Over Fender

₱ 25,212 (Vat Inc.)

Functionally designed to protect the fender from dents and scratches caused by stones while the vehicle is running. This also enhances the urban stylish appearance of the vehicle.


Fog Ring Chrome

₱ 2,918 (Vat Inc.)

This adds life to the front appearance of the vehicle, sophisticated in style and visibly noticeable in the vehicle’s strong face.


Reversing Sensor

₱ 11,267 (Vat Inc.)

Helps driver to park/reverse safely, either skilled or unskilled. Would be more effective by using with rear view camera. Informs the distance to the object by 3 different beeping intervals.

160 - 80cm -- BE---BE---BE
80 - 40cm -- BE-BE-BE
40 - 0cm -- BEEEEE

  • Prices / Specifications may change without prior notice.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not included (provincial dealerships).
  • Specifications may vary from actual unit.
  • For more details, call or visit your preferred Isuzu Dealer.

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