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Isuzu D-MAX Exterior Accessories


Door and Tailgate
Hiboscal Set

₱ 3,238 (Vat Inc.)

Engineered to protect the paint from accidental scratches while opening the door.


Head Lamp Garnish Wide

₱ 1,730 (Vat Inc.)

Enhance the look of your vehicle by providing clean and luxurious looks to your vehicle.


Skirt Set HR Crew Splash White

Enhance the look of your Isuzu D-Max by providing more tougher looks to the vehicle. It comes in three different colors; cosmic black, silky pearl white and splash white.

Cosmic Black - ₱ 26,060 (Vat Inc.)
Splash White - ₱ 26,060 (Vat Inc.)
Silky Pearl White - ₱ 28,150



₱ 123,245 (Vat Inc.)

It provides security on cargo inside the pick-up bed. This will protect your cargo in any weather conditions. Comes in various colors beige, cosmic black, blue, nautilus blue mica, obsidian gray mica, primer, silky pearl white, splash white, titanium silver, green and venetian red. Price may vary depending on the color.


Roof Rails

₱ 13,950

Enhances the vehicles appearance to be more sporty and tough. Tolerable for 400kgs, can be used for roof accessories such as carrier. Comes in silver, dark grey, mat and black. No drilling needed.


Nudge Bar

₱ 26,581 (Vat Inc.)

Designed to protect the vehicle face in case of minor collision absorbing the impact, but functionally compatible with the air bag safety performance. Simple yet strong shield for bumper and grille. This is much lighter that the steel plate bull bar. Comes in silver and black.


Side Step Bar

₱ 34,737 (Vat Inc.)

Designed to protect the rocker panel in case of unforeseen road obstruction, also comes with a very functional non- slip steps to prevent lose footing when getting in and coming out of the vehicle. Tested to be strong to carry heavy weights and rust resistant. Comes in silver and black.


Sports Bar

₱ 29,282 (Vat Inc.)

Sporty and tough looking appearance, this comes with installation kit so you don’t need to punch holes or weld. Available in matte black and chrome. Compatible with the under rail bed liner.


Cargo Bike Carrier

₱ 45,327 (Vat Inc.)

Enables to load the bike safely inside the cargo box. This comes in set attached to the cargo rail. To load more, requires above attachment additionally as a spare part. Requires “Cargo rail” to install.


Cargo Divider

₱ 13,258 (Vat Inc.)

The divider secures the things inside the cargo box. This can be adjusted accordingly and attached to the cargo rail. Requires “Cargo rail” to install.


Cargo Net

₱ 2,910 (Vat Inc.)

Secures belongings to be stable in the cargo, especially for small gears. Envelope-style net, and have 3-point velcro tapes on its opening, prevents the gears to be popped out while driving. Requires “Cargo rail” to install.


Cargo Rail

₱ 12,212 (Vat Inc.)

Required as a base to use cargo bike career, net, divider. Enables to install and adjust their positions of each items above.


Bed Liner

₱ 23,923 (Vat Inc.)

This is a must for the inside protection of cargo box. It eliminates scratches and damages from the things being load in the cargo box. It comes in 2 types: under rail and over rail. With Isuzu Logo as a genuine accessory.


Rear Combi Lamp Guard

₱ 2,024 (Vat Inc.)

Enhances vehicles appearance. Prevent scratches which occurs when opening the gate (Tail Gate Ornament). Comes in chrome and black.


Tail Gate Ornament Set

₱ 4,717 (Vat Inc.)

Enhances tail gate appearance, completes the sporty or rugged looked if coupled with Rear Combination Lamp Guard.


Cargo Extender Set

₱ 23,331 (Vat Inc.)

It gives a robust look by increasing the height of the cargo box and functionally expanding the capacity. You can choose from matte black and dark grey.

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  • Shipping and handling charges are not included (provincial dealerships).
  • Specifications may vary from actual unit.
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