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Isuzu Philippines to hold first Off-Road Fest

November 25, 2015

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC)—one of the leading brands in the local automotive scene—is set to prove its mettle in the eyes of the public as they conduct this year’s Isuzu Off-Road Fest.

On November 27-29, IPC will hold the special off-road festival at the BGC Open Grounds in Taguig City to highlight the 4x4 capabilities of its flagship models, the Isuzu mu-X and the Isuzu D-MAX pick-up.

The event, which will be open to public from 10AM to 10PM, is free admission. The motoring public will be allowed to experience the true power of the new 3.0-liter VGS turbo variants of the D-MAX and mu-X as they traverse through specially made 4x4 urban test courses.

Designed to demonstrate the vehicle’s performance, the test course includes an articulated ramp station, roller slips and the 40-degree traverse angle ramp. The highlight – is the giant 20-FT inclined steel ramp or %u2015thrill hill%u2016 which will be the ultimate test to the vehicle’s power.

Aside from the 4x4 test drive facility, IPC also sets other festive activities all inside one venue. For three days there will be a display of customized Isuzu D-MAX and mu-X which will be participated by different Isuzu car clubs, an on-road vehicle test drive for its 4x2 variants, parts and accessories discounts, exciting games and raffle promos.

To keep the festive vibe alive, there will be daily performances to cap each night of the event – starting with the Itchyworms on November 27, DJ NIX Damn P on November 28 and Pinoy Rock sensation The Dawn on November 29.

Likewise, Isuzu mu-X’s brand ambassadors, the Team Kramer will be present on November 27 to greet the crowd and join in the celebration.

"The Isuzu Off-Road Fest is designed to push the limit of our Isuzu mu-X and D-MAX models. We want the public not just to see but to experience by themselves the true power of our new 3.0-liter VGS turbo variants," said IPC President Hajime Koso. "Aside from this, this three-day festival is also our way of saying thank you to the Filipino market for their continued support to our products over the years," he adds.

To know more about the Isuzu Off-Road Fest log-on to www.isuzuphil.com or visit Isuzu Philippines’ official Facebook page for more details.

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