– Perfect for the Family –

Rene and Elena Macandili
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

An avid Isuzu lover, Rene Macandili has three Isuzu vehicles in his garage to date.

Staring with his 2007 Isuzu Crosswind XUV, which Rene bought for his growing family, a vehicle that had served his family for so long, he said he couldn't dispose of it even up to now due to sentimental reason and have kept it maintained in good running condition.

After the Crosswind, Rene acquired an Isuzu NHR light-duty truck, which he currently uses for his logistics business distributing magazines and different publications in Metro Manila and neighboring provinces. "The Crosswind and the NHR has proven to be very durable both for family and business use, which is why I prefer Isuzu vehicles, ever since," Rene said.

Satisfied with the durability and performance of his first two vehicle, Rene bought his third unit, a 2015 Isuzu mu-X, something that according to him he will never regret buying. “The mu-X is durable, comfortable to use and perfect for the family,” he said. “We are proud to be one of the pioneer Isuzu mu-X owners in the country,” he added.

With a seating capacity fit for 7 persons, the mu-X has enough room for the family and its luggage specially for long trips “We already drove the mu-X to different provinces like Sagada, Vigan, Pagudpud, Pangasinan and Bicol. As always, the drive wasn’t tiring and the overall safe for the family” he added.

With the current Isuzu vehicles, he owns, Rene said that there is no space in his garage as of the moment, but given the chance, he still considers buying an Isuzu as his next vehicle.

“We’ve already proven how durable and fuel efficient it is. I remember one of my friends told me, with Isuzu all you have to do is take care of the vehicle (in terms of maintenance) and the vehicle will take care of you – it has been like that ever since,” he said. “Isuzu has served me and my family for a long time, we trust the brand, its product and also the after sales service,” he added.