Terms and Conditions

The “Terms and Conditions” set forth below contains the conditions of your access to and use of the Isuzu Philippines Corporation Official website. By continuing to use this website, you hereby agree to comply and be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

Our Website Usage

The use of our website is intended to make information available about our products and services which can be accessed by our customers, which includes existing and potential buyers, our authorized dealers, and other users. In order for us to provide better service, some pages on our website may request to input your personal information such as your name, e-mail address, and contact number for reference and improved customer experience.

  • By entering and using this website, you are hereby giving express consent to Isuzu Philippines Corporation to collect your personal information for the specific purposes identified in our Privacy Policy.
  • Isuzu Philippines Corporation may make necessary changes to this website and update these terms and conditions without prior notice. Please note that no changes in the use of the personal information you provided will be made without your express consent.
  • Isuzu Philippines Corporation reserves the right to discontinue this website any time without notice.

When you visit our official website, we will not be able to identify you unless you give us your consent by providing your personal information before making any transactions. Isuzu Philippines Corporation uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for the protection of all personal information transferred to us by electronic means. Although we have both the actual and automated safeguards that are sufficient enough, based on industry standards, to keep the security and protection of all personal information, the Internet is an open system connecting millions of computers and information, we cannot fully guarantee the proper access and security of all the personal information you have provided. Rest assured, there are processes in place to immediately address any possible access or security breaches in compliance with our Privacy Policy and Philippine law.

IP Address

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address, Media Access Control (MAC) Address, or other specific identifiers may be recorded for inquiries and website analytics purposes (e.g. google analytics) and is non-identifiable web traffic data. IP address is defined as a logical numeric address assigned to every single computer, printer, switch, router or any other device that is part of a TCP/IP-based network. The IP address is the core component on which the networking architecture is built; no network exists without it. The MAC address are unique identifiers assigned to all network devices.


  • Our Web page may use cookie technology to record activities in our website and identify users as well as monitor their behavior in using our website.
  • “Cookies” are small files which are stored on a user's computer.
  • This permits the server to send a page personalized for a particular user. Cookies allow us to customize our website following your individual preferences, and to permit you to navigate certain parts of our website without having to re-enter information.
  • Our cookies are designed to improve the means and manner of our responsiveness to all your needs. Our website uses cookies to collect information about your visits, including the pages you view, time of your visits, your registration information especially when you request for quotations and booking of test drives and a range of other navigational information. In addition to this, we have a “Locate a Dealer” link which also uses cookies to keep track of requests and inquiries you send to our authorized dealers. This allows us to further monitor if you are properly accommodated by our dealers on your queries and concerns.

Web Beacons

  • This is a collective term used to refer to "pixel tags", "web beacons" or "clear GIF images" embedded in a web page and usually invisible to the user. It is often-transparent graphic image that is placed on a website or in an email to monitor the behavior of the user in visiting the website or in sending email. It is often used in combination with cookies. It is a useful tool to monitor how many users and how many times a page was visited and how many times a link was clicked.


  • You understand and agree that our website may include or contain links to third-party websites (e.g. BPI Family Online Financing, other websites), and that clicking on these links will leave the Isuzu Philippines Corporation website page. Please note that these third-party websites are owned and operated by those parties concerned, and are beyond Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s authority and control. As such, you hold Isuzu Philippines Corporation free and harmless from possible issues arising from the integrity, security, and accuracy of their websites in relation to their respective privacy policies or practices. We suggest that you thoroughly read their respective privacy policies before submitting any personal information that such sites may request from you.


  • You may download, use or print downloadable and printable pages from our website only for your personal purposes.
  • We are not liable for losses and damages resulting from circumstances which are beyond our control, including, but not limited to, network interruption or failure of electronic and communication lines, natural calamities and other fortuitous events.

Prohibited Uses

  • You must not use this website in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s official website or impairment of the availability or accessibility of www.isuzuphil.com, or which in any way is against the law, illegal, fraudulent or harmful purpose or activity.
  • This website contains materials which are solely owned by Isuzu Philippines Corporation including, but not limited to, the logo, website design, graphics, and appearance. These materials shall not be used for purposes of publication, promotion and display unless otherwise permitted by Isuzu Philippines Corporation.
  • Unauthorized use of the above-mentioned materials may give rise to a claim for damages or hold criminal offense under Philippine laws.
  • You must not use this website or any part of it to transmit or send unsolicited commercial communications.

Use at your own risk

  • We provide all the content, graphics and information about our products and services and other materials available through our website for informational and business purposes only.
  • You may use the content, information, data, materials and the products and services available through this website solely for your personal and non-commercial use.
  • If you use the contents, information, products and services available through our website without Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s authority, you expressly agree that you do so solely at your own risk. You shall not, in any way, be considered an agent or a representative of Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s by virtue of this use. You understand that you are solely responsible for any damage or loss you may incur as result of your use of any content, information or other materials, products or services of our website.


  • You hereby agree that by using this website, you recompense and defend Isuzu Philippines Corporation as well as its directors and stockholders, employees, dealers, suppliers and customers free from all claims, costs, demands, losses, liabilities and any other damages relating to breach of these Terms and Conditions Your failure to comply with matters which you are responsible for under this Terms and Conditions may subject you to liability to Isuzu Philippines Corporation.

Applicable Law

  • These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. Provisions on the collection and use of personal information are particularly governed by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Data Privacy Officer

  • For any questions, comments, or clarifications on the personal information you have submitted to Isuzu Philippines Corporation through this website, or if you wish to secure a soft copy of the personal information you submitted, please contact:
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