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Isuzu Philippines Records 21% Growth In First 8 Months Of The Year, Expects Strong Performance Ahead

September 12, 2012

ISUZU PHILIPPINES Corporation (IPC) continues to be one of the country’s top sellers of commercial vehicles as it records 21% sales growth from January to August of this year compared to the company’s total during the same period in 2011.

Proving its dominance in the light-duty truck category, the Isuzu N-Series looks set to be the Philippines’ bestselling model in the segment for a record 14 straight years as IPC sold 1,022 units of the vehicle for the first eight months. The total means that N-Series models have cornered a commanding 69% of the domestic market.

IPC’s strong performances have allowed the company to become the country’s third-largest mover of commercial vehicles and to clinch the fourth spot in the domestic automotive industry ranking. Besides the dominant results of the N- Series, the Isuzu D-MAX also secured 19% of the pickup segment with 1,844 units sold and the Isuzu Crosswind accounted for 18% of the AUV class from January to August with 3,935 units sold. This is followed by IPC taking 27% of heavy-duty Category 5 trucks and 58% of medium-duty Category 4 trucks. In total, IPC obtained a 7.7% slice of the Philippine automotive industry in the first eight months of the year with 7,579 units sold, in contrast to the 6,259 units it delivered, or 6.7% share, during the same months in 2011.   

“Isuzu’s dominant showing in the segments it competes in, as reflected in the sales results during the first eight months of the year, keeps us very much on track in achieving our target to deliver 13,000 units in 2012,” said IPC President Ryoji Yamazaki.

“Also, guaranteeing IPC’s capability to continuously provide Filipino consumers with vehicles that are reliable, durable and fuel-efficient is the fact that the disruptions in the parts supply chain and manufacturing operations in Japan and Thailand are over and everything has normalized.”

IPC’s bullish outlook was indicated at the recent 4th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) where the company showcased the strengths of its new products, which are the 2013 Sportivo X, the Crosswind XS, the D-MAX Boondock Special Edition 4x4, the 2012 D-MAX LS Special Edition 4x2, the NHR cab with Flexi Truck body option, and the 2013 Alterra Urban Cruiser X.

With these six new models, IPC—which has reaffirmed its commitment to continue manufacturing vehicles in the Philippines—is ensuring its further contribution to the growth of the domestic automotive market.

“The Philippine automotive industry is presently experiencing positive growth. Along with this, IPC is likewise maintaining a steady rise in sales and market share,” Yamazaki said.